Accesa invests in people’s valuable potential by supporting the Informal School of IT in Oradea

Starting with October 2015, Accesa is collaborating with the Informal School of IT and, through the direct involvement of the team from Accesa Oradea, the aim is to invest in people who are passionate about technology.

The partnership with the Informal School of IT in Oradea is one of the many initiatives to support the professional development of people who are passionate about technology. The initiative is also part of an extensive program of opportunities created by Accesa for students, university graduates, professionals from the IT industry and IT enthusiasts coming from various educational and professional backgrounds.

“It’s excellent that we’ve started this collaboration as we’ve always met great people in Oradea, eager to reach their true potential. We care about them and wish to foster the talent of those who share the same passion about technology as us.”

explained Marius Podea, Business Unit Manager, Accesa.

The partnership with the Informal School of IT in Oradea is one of the components of Accesa’s long-term strategy, which, in the spirit of supporting people to grow professionally, builds on a basis that has already been consolidating throughout the last years in Oradea, such as:

  • Internship programs for students who want to learn and gain experience by interacting with some of the best software specialists in Oradea.

    Beyond the opportunity to acquire real life experience in the field, students can become permanent collaborators even from their early college years. This year, Accesa’s internship programs in Oradea gathered 15 talented interns.

  • Career counselling sessions – in Oradea, Accesa collaborates with high schools and universities, where it also holds workshops and encourage students to opt for an IT career by presenting them the IT industry, the employment opportunities and the personal characteristics which they can rely on when making decisions for their careers.

  • Annual events that bring students and software specialists together. Accesa colleagues share with the students their work experience and their challenges at Accesa.

  • Events for IT professionals – Accesa organized the Today Software Magazine launch event in Oradea, where it invited the software specialists’ community in Oradea.

    The event offered them the opportunity to learn something new, to extend their knowledge and expand their network.

Along with the partnership with the Informal School of IT, Accesa sees all these initiatives as a long term investment in people’s valuable potential, as the team aims to support, together with other IT companies, the growth of the IT industry and the talent around it in a sustainable way.

Accesa’s team, with 250+ people in the four offices – Cluj-Napoca, Oradea, Munich and Zurich – grows constantly. In the first six months of 2015, 10 people joined our Oradea team, reaching now 21 employees, with 75% more than at the end of 2014. Next year, Accesa aims to extend the team at every level of experience, in order to shape an environment where new employees can reach their true potential.

Source: Accesa

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