New App to Allow Users to Compare Fuel Prices in Romania

Romania’s Competition Council may develop an app that will allow customers to check online where they can find the cheapest fuel, reports local Digi24.

“There are some apps that show gas stations in your area. We need to clarify if these apps are enough or if we have to do another one, maybe help those who have it now; it doesn’t necessarily need to be one that is made by state institutions,”

                                                        said Bogdan Chiritoiu, the president of the Competition Council.

“I believe that this kind of apps help consumers and are beneficial,”

                                                                                           he added.

A similar platform was launched last fall in Romania, for food prices. This tool displays the retailers’ prices for various products, thus allowing consumers to compare them and identify the stores with the lowest prices. The platform, which is called the Price Monitor, includes products such as flour, oil or rice.


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