QATestLab offers 25% discount on their testing services

QATestLab summer sale

Today QATestLab — an international independent software testing provider  — announced its special summer offer. 

From June 20 to September 20, 2022, the company provides a 25% discount on all new testing projects launched under their Dedicated Team cooperation model. The discount will be applied to QATestLab’s services provided over the above-mentioned period. 

With this offer, you can:

  • try thorough Manual Testing or time-effective Test Automation with benefits for your project’s budget;
  • get a dedicated team of independent testers that will dive deep into your project and be present at every stage of your software development. This way, the company’s QA engineers will be able to detect bugs at the initial stage of the development process and ensure high quality of your product before the release;
  • get ready for a busy tech season that will come after summer with a backup of experienced QA professionals;
  • get a fresh perspective on testing areas for improvement, setting up documentation, implementing test automation, and other new opportunities for optimizing your QA processes.

This might be just the thing that your software needs this summer.

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