oneAPI Hands-on Workshop- Let us SYCL

Start: March 17, 2023
Venue: Online
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The Intel oneAPI DPC++ Library (oneDPL) is a companion to the Intel oneAPI DPC++/C++ Compiler and provides an alternative for C++ developers who create heterogeneous applications and solutions.

Allows explicit use of the C++ STL API within accelerated DPC++ kernels Streamline.
Cross-architecture programming with Boost. Compute and PSTL algorithm extensions
Increase the successful application of parallel algorithms with custom iterators.
Shorthand for Data Parallel C++, its the new direct programming language of oneAPI – an initiative led by Intel to unify and simplify application development across diverse computing architectures. DPC++ is based on familiar (and industry-standard) C++, incorporates SYCL* specification 1.2.1 from the Khronos Group*, and includes language extensions developed using an open community process. Purposely designed as an open, cross-industry alternative to single-architecture, proprietary languages, DPC++ enables developers to more easily port their code across CPUs, GPUs, and FPGAs, and also tune performance for a specific accelerator.


Introduction to SYCL
oneAPI Implementation of SYCL – With Demo
Program Structure – With Demo and Walk through
SYCL Classes – Walk through
Unified Shared Memory – With demos on Explicit and Implicit Memory Movement demos
Custom Device Selector – With demos
SYCL, DPC++ Libraries USM Data Dependency Issues – Walk through
SYCL Code Anatomy – Walk through

Intel oneAPI DevCloud Access: Please find the Intel oneAPI DevCloud URL
To access Intel oneAPI DevCloud setup guide Click here
Click here to Join us for Live Conversation and QnA on Discord Link
Note: Create your free Intel oneAPI DevCloud account. This is a mandatory required to participate in the hands-on sessions.
Key points of discussion
Understanding SYCL/DPC++ fundamentals
Exploration of classes
Device selection opportunities
Unified shared memory and tricks
Who should attend
AI Developers, ML Engineers, Research scholars, Data Scientist, C++, CPU/GPU, programmers


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