Augmented Reality – the Technology of the Future Boosting the Product Popularity in Present

When hearing the phrase “augmented reality” the mind is immediately drawing the image of the Terminator or movies about future so much popular in the 90s, which showed us for the first time robots, flying cars and miracle machines. In little more than 10 years, cars still do not fly, robots do not walk the streets, but augmented reality is already firmly established in our lives and is widely used in promoting the product.

The technology, called “augmented reality”, which is also called sometimes “enhanced reality” or “improved reality”, is a visual addition to the real world by projecting and introduction of any virtual, imaginary objects on the real environment (on a computer screen, phone, tablet and similar devices).

The fans of hockey and football could already see the sponsor’s logo on a field, applied to an image of moving players in real-time, or billboards at the matches. The weather forecast that is shown on TV is also one of the first examples of augmented reality in everyday life. By far the most interesting augmented reality solutions could be observed in the field of smart phones, which have become the driving force of augmented reality by providing application guides to cities and countries. The spread of augmented reality technology and the growing popularity of this technology among consumers is happening due to the fact that computing power and a set of sensors in the hardware platforms for smartphones and tablets allow the imposition of any kind of digital data obtained in real-time with built-in USB camera image. In addition, the spread of the Internet and digital technology makes it increasingly difficult to achieve the “wow” effect for the consumer. The manufacturers are constantly in search of new tools and innovations to promote their products.

To some extent, augmented reality is just another way to access the data, but already now the experts say that the impact of this technology on society can be comparable to the effect of the advent of the Internet.

“At the moment the scope of use of augmented reality is not yet fully understood and appreciated by the consumers, as the technology is only coming to the lives of people, especially in the countries of Eastern Europe”- said Alexander Nagorny, Head of 3D and Augmented Reality Solutions Development in Softengi.

Every day the IT companies, which are already working with augmented reality, get more and more customers with original ideas combining virtual and real world. “Our company has recently completed the development of an unusual augmented reality module for a Ukrainian customer. The developed module will allow manufacturers to interact with their target audience and thus increase brand awareness and product sales. It is expected that the use of augmented reality technology in the field of trade will become a new word in the promotion of the product “, – says Alexander.

Source: Softengi

Source: Softengi

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