Deploying Big Data Analytics in an Enterprise Wide Governance, Risk, and Compliance Program

Start: December 10, 2014

Big data has transformed the way organizations analyze and optimize their internal and external business processes.

High-performance analytics also makes it possible to analyze all available data to get precise answers for hard-to-solve problems and uncover new growth opportunities and manage unknown risks effectively.

Big Data Analytics opens up new frontiers in Risk Intelligence, giving organizations the ability to distinguish between risks that must be avoided, and risks that must be taken.

Big Data analytics promises to help organizations identify hidden business patterns, predict customer behavior, anticipate future risks, and derive new intelligence by combining new digital sources of information with traditional convenient sources.

Big Data platforms facilitate the aggregation, interpretation, and integration of heterogeneous data from various platforms where customer behavioral patterns can be analyzed for improved business intelligence and corporate governance.

In this webinar, we aim at clarifying on Big Data’s relevance for the world of Governance, Risk and Compliance Intelligence and inform the business strategy for incorporating big data.

  • Big Data – scope and relevance in analytics
  • Examples that are specific to regulatory compliance
  • Areas where very large volume data analysis can be used in GRC
  • Form of Big Data analysis for GRC actually performed in practice


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