Bulgarian schools will use innovative educational laptop-tablets, provided by Sirma Solutions

A new generation of educational computer that is a hybrid between tablet and notebook will enter the Bulgarian schools.

The new version of the solution Classmate PC is conceptualized by Intel and is provided in Bulgaria by Sirma Media – the educational technology unit of Sirma Solutions.

The device is called UNITE 401 and has already provoked the interest of kindergartens, schools and educational institutes, along with other organizations.

Although it is a full tablet, the new generation Classmate PC has a number of additional educational features that make it a true mobile laboratory. Two HD cameras allow students to easily capture interesting educational content related to their lessons and share it with their teachers.

In addition, built-in tablet micro lenses, which help to enlarge the observed objects, make it a complete microscope for educational purposes. Another interesting feature is the sensor for temperature measurement.

Unlike other similar products, the battery of the new tablet lasts a whole day, which enables the tablet to be fully used by several classes of students. The model comes with a specialized software package for educational purposes, including a reader for electronic books, software for laboratory camera, software for classroom management, as well as for protection in case of theft.

All of this, along with the affordable price for educational isntitutions, makes the new generation Classmate PC an effective solution for every school.

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