Take Advantage of Cloud Office to Kick-Start the Digital Workplace

Start: February 25, 2016

A move to cloud office -either Microsoft Office 365 or Google Apps for Work – represents a significant change in the role of the IT organization from a provider of mission-critical personal and group productivity tools to a broker of those services.

Consequently, the IT organization should not just transfer workloads to the cloud, but should use the move to cloud office to boost employee agility and engagement and take full advantage of the investment.

Discussion Topics:

  • How to rethink the IT/employee contract as a result of the move to cloud office.
  • How cloud operational efficiencies enable IT to focus on improving employee agility and engagement via the cloud office.
  • Why the move to cloud office should drive the IT organization to package IT services into an employee-friendly digital workplace experience.


CATEGORY: Events, Webinars

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