Exadel Announces Digital Transformation Practice to Transform the Modern Enterprise

Exadel, a provider of digital software engineering services,  announced new Digital Transformation Practice to help organizations adapt and thrive in today’s digital markets. Exadel’s solution offering helps leaders within enterprises develop and implement value-driven digital transformation initiatives through executive consulting, digital architecture and design, and software engineering services. It works with clients to assess needs and chart success strategies based on decades of experience, proven processes and fresh, creative and technical thinking.

This approach comes from two decades of success in helping customers deliver software solutions to the marketplace and generating more business value faster. Exadel’s Digital Transformation Practice focuses on how to use the latest advancements in cloud development, DevOps, QA automation, and agile processes to bring customer’s ideas to life. Exadel’s engineers specialize in Azure and AWS cloud development, deployment, and QA. Exadel has worked on digital transformation initiatives with some of our most significant clients including Mercer, Deloitte, Wolters Kluwer, and McKesson.

“Digital transformation is here, but constant shifts in technology and organizational process make it more challenging than ever for businesses to keep up,” says Jonathan Fries, VP of Engineering/Digital Transformation at Exadel. “At Exadel we work with leaders within enterprise organizations to develop and implement value-driven digital transformation initiatives. We combine consulting, technical architecture, design, and software engineering services to assess needs and chart success strategies based on decades of experience, proven processes and fresh, creative thinking.”  

With hundreds of dedicated engineers located across the United States and Eastern Europe, Exadel has the expertise to build advanced, future-proof digital transformation solutions that are key to driving the success of modern business. 

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About Exadel

For more than 20 years, Exadel has been developing enterprise and custom software solutions for Fortune 500 clients, including AT&T, Samsung, Bank of America, eBay, and GE. With 18 locations and delivery centers across the US and Eastern Europe, Exadel solves the most complex software engineering problems, offering a scalable and skilled mix of onshore and offshore resources at the industry’s most competitive price. Our Digital Software Engineering Services (DSES) help chart new digital strategies that are built upon creative thinking, cutting-edge design, and technical innovation. DSES embraces the strengths of diverse global software engineering talent to create and implement strategic, cost-effective services for the new epoch of connected technology.

Source: Exadel

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