How to Conduct an Effective Sourcing Programme to Achieve a Win-Win Contract

Hudson & Yorke is running a training course on how to deliver effective ICT sourcing programmes.

Running a successful sourcing process is time consuming, resource intensive and intellectually demanding. Hudson & Yorke’s training course walks delegates through the sourcing process – we explain what you need to do and what you need to watch out for. We share with you our tried and tested methodology and experience of negotiating telecommunications and network deals totalling over £3bn.

Target audience: ICT sourcing/procurement teams, anyone contributing to a procurement process/sourcing programme in the private sector.

The course is focused on network and telecommunication sourcing programmes, however much of the material will be applicable to any IT sourcing programme.

What delegates will learn

- How to design a sourcing process and define timescales and resource requirements
- How to define business requirements and write an RFP and draft contract – what needs to be included, what decisions need to be made
- How to evaluate suppliers – what criteria and models can be used to assess suppliers
- How to conduct effective contract negotiations
- How to develop the business case and achieve contract approval
- What typically goes wrong on sourcing programmes and how to avoid these risks


Source: Sourcing Focus
CATEGORY: Global Events

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