IBA Group Introduces Contactless Payment in Minsk Metro

On September 19, IBA Group participated in a press conference devoted to the introduction of contactless payment in Minsk Metro. The event was held at the Renaissance hotel in Minsk, Belarus.  

Minsk citizens and visitors of the capital can now use a Visa payWave card to pay for their Metro journeys. At present, contactless payment is only accepted at the Plošča Lienina station in Minsk.

Contactless payment is introduced as a part of the IBA Fare Collection System (AFC).  The AFC System covers 3,000 buses, trolleybuses, and trams, as well as two Metro lines, six city routes of Belarusian Railway, and 500 suburban buses. IBA Group implemented the AFC System in Minsk and Gomel (Belarus), Kaliningrad (Russia), and Dushanbe (Tajikistan).

According to Sergei Akoulich, Deputy Chairman of the Board at IBA Group, “the introduction of contactless payment is an important milestone in the development of the IBA Group’s AFC System and of contactless payments in Belarus at large”. The use of contactless cards will make it easier for the citizens and guests of Minsk to pay for their trips in the Metro. He said that IBA Group originally designed the AFC System with a possibility to introduce contactless payment in the future. In the long term, contactless payment can be implemented in all types of public transport in Minsk.

Contactless payment is a major step for the public transport in Minsk as 41% of payments in Belarus are non-cash. Minsk is the third city in the CIS to introduce contactless payment in public transport after Moscow (Russia) and Kyiv (Ukraine). 

Source: IBA Group

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