IT Outsourcing in 2015. What should we expect?

At the beginning of every new year all people usually examine new trends in aspects of life that are important for them. IT outsourcing is a trend itself, as more and more companies choose outsourcing as a way to realize their software development needs. But we may also talk about trends in IT outsourcing area.

What will be IT outsourcing process like in 2015?

  • Partnership. More and more customers are looking for real partners and not just service providers. It means that IT outsourcing provider should penetrate inside whole process, understanding the aim of developed software, its target audience, business process, etc.

  • Cloud. Cloud solution was trend for already several years, and it will be the same in 2015. Cloud provides accessibility, scalability and cost efficiency that are so important for successful application development process.

  • Standardization. As cloud, utility computing, and virtualization will continue in 2015, standardization of development process will come to the first place.  Everything should look the same, so that working in cloud will become even more comfortable.

  • Multisourcing. Companies will use more and more service providers at once, this becomes possible thanks to cloud and SaaS (Software as a Service) usage. This will broaden companies’ possibilities and make outsourcing process more flexible.

  • Supplier risk management. Companies will seriously consider questions connected with service provider risk management. Such issues as political, economical and natural disasters in the provider’s country will make customers choose location more precisely and take measures to eliminate risks.

These are some of the predictions made by IT leaders, we’ll see whether they are right or not, but for sure we should take their point of view into consideration in order to stay in tune.

Source: SMISS
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