Lirex BG Covered the Requirements of Another New Specialization from Cisco – Cisco Collaboration Architecture

Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization is a new specialization from Cisco, whose requirements Lirex BG was able to cover. Business today increasingly requires continuous interaction between organizations, customers, employees, partners and suppliers. The people we are working with on an every day basis can be located anywhere in the world and sometimes it is difficult to make a personal meeting.

Elements of the Cisco Collaboration Architecture create an environment where collaboration is made easier. The architecture is built on a modular basis, thus allowing organizations to implement systems consistently. Through Cisco Collaboration Architecture Lirex BG provides its customers a secure and reliable access to their resources from any location, providing a standardized way of work, regardless of what device is providing the access. Furthermore, the architecture offers the possibility to transfer any type of content – video, voice, or data.

The new architecture works with both new and existing Cisco technologies and is fully compatible with the already established architectures.

Source: Lirex BG

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