Ontotext and FluidOps Team Up for the Next Generation of Enterprise Data Management

Ontotext AD and fluid Operations (fluidOps) have teamed up to offer enterprises practical solutions for RDF data mining, access, publishing and search.

OWLIM provides a robust, scalable back-end that companies in Europe, Asia and North America already rely on for their real-world data management needs.

Information Workbench is a highly configurable platform that provides “information workers” with a powerful tool for collaboration and for interacting with data, including search, presentation and visualization.

Ontotext will use Information Workbench as a rapid prototyping tool to demonstrate the power of semantics for data integration and data management. fluidOps also offers a version of its Information Workbench platform integrated with OWLIM.

“This is really a pairing of best-in-class tools that we feel will usher in the next generation of enterprise data management,” said Andreas Eberhart, Managing Director at fluid Operations.

Ontotext and fluidOps will be demonstrating these platforms at the SemTechBiz San Francisco 2012 conference, taking place June 3 – 7 at the San Francisco Hilton in Union Square.

Ontotext will use Information Workbench as part of its demonstrations during its SemTech2012 OWLIM Workshop on Thursday, June 7.

“We are pleased to have in fluid Operations as partner who understands the needs of enterprises. We look forward to deepening our technical cooperation over the coming months as we work together to solve practical problems. Now our enterprise customers can get a great backend with data management tools that make sense,” said Atanas Kiryakov, Executive Director of Ontotext.

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