Two cloud platforms for business customers – research presentation by PSTech System

On Thursday, 11.27.2014. Slobodan Jovanović, PSTech System / Network Administrator presented a research paper on two cloud platform for business customers within the telecommunications forum Telfor – ”Cloud Computing in Amazon and Microsoft Azure platform: performance and service comparison “.

The paper was written during the specialist studies at the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Other authors besides Slobodan were prof. Dr. Borislav Đorđević and Research Associate Valentina Timčenko, both from the Institute Mihajlo Pupin.

Content of the presentation:

I Introduction

II Related articles

III architecture and cloud computing service categories

a) Iaas: Infrastructure – as – a Service

b) PaaS: Platform – as – a – Service

c) Saas: Software – as – a – Service

IV Test platforms

a) Microsoft Azure

b) Amazon Web Services – AWS

V Services Microsoft Azure and AWS platform – performance, services and tests

VI Conclusion

Source: PSTech System

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