Maximize Graphics Processor Compute Power for General Purpose Computing

Start: December 3, 2014

Processor graphics hardware occupies almost 30% of the processor silicon real estate.

This makes it all the more important to expose these computation units to developers for general-purpose computing and unlock the idle GFLOPS in Intel® Graphics Technology.

We’ll examine how the C++ offload compiler enables you to fully utilize Intel® processors through easy access to the GPGPU capabilities of Intel Graphics Technology.

This compute offload feature is accomplished using the C/C++ Intel® Cilk™ Plus parallel programming paradigm with small extensions for kernel and data offload.

While it’s essential to provide compelling heterogeneous programming models for general-purpose computing, it’s also critical to simplify porting existing C/C++ applications for efficient execution on processor graphics.

The Intel Cilk Plus programming model helps express the potential parallelism and vectorization opportunities in the source code. This capability is available on Win32*, Win64* and Linux64* (Ubuntu* 12.04 and SLES* 11) platforms.


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