Quality House Has Been Awarded Best Mobile And Web Testing Agency for 2018 by CV Magazine

CV Magazine gave their fourth annual Technology Innovator Awards, awarding Quality House the Best Mobile and Web Testing Agency prize. The awards celebrate the talented individuals, teams and firms that provide some of the best, and most innovative, products and services in the industry.

CV (Corporate Vision) Magazine is dedicated to providing discerning readers worldwide with a wealth of news, features, and comment on the corporate issues of the day. The magazine holds an array of industry-specific awards, but the Technology Innovator Awards are one of their most prestigious.

According to the magazine, the establishment of these awards was prompted by the explosion of digital technology in the recent years, which has increased the need for technology products and services dramatically. Enterprises in every industry sector rely upon technology to facilitate their own growth, as such, opportunities for technology firms continue to expand considerably.

With the constant and rapid growth of the technology market, the demands on firms to be innovative in order to adapt and survive, are high and CV’s award platform ensures that it is these Technology companies, who are at the forefront of innovation to meet the needs of the consumer and stand ahead of the competition, who are recognized for their efforts.

Source: Quality House


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