Republica to host live online event on “MS SQL Databases versioning and deployment”

Start: March 26, 2015

RepublicA’s, the online platform of TotalSoft Services, the Software Development Division of TotalSoft announced today that it will host a live, complementary online event titled, “MS SQL Databases versioning and deployment”, on Thursday, March 26. The event will offer expert advice from TotalSoft Services Division software developers.

“MS SQL Databases provides an integrated environment for database developers to carry out all their database design work for any SQL Server platform (both on and off premise) within Visual Studio”,

explains Ion Sapoval, Software Development Team Lead.

“In this event we will explore how to use SQL Server Data Tools for managing database version control and deployment to testing and production environments.”

This informative online event will specifically cover:

  • How to use SQL Server Database Project in the Continuous Integration process.
  • Application code version control VS Database scripts version control.
  • Data-tier Applications (DAC), DAC packages (DACPAC).
  • SQL Server Database Project.
  • Create project.
  • Import database.
  • Manage schema changes.
  • Manage data changes.
  • Manage cross database references.
  • Manage server scoped objects.
  • Configure publish profiles.
  • SQL Server Unit Testing.


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