Country snapshot


Capital Belgrade
Population 7.382 Million
GDP in PPP US$ 78.506 Billion
GDP per capita in PPP US$ 10,635.38
Time Zone CET (UTC+1)
Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2),



IT outsourcing market volume (USD Million) 200
Number of IT outsourcing companies 240
Number of specialists involved in IT outsourcing services industry




Rates: USD/hour
Average rates (max-min) 40.78 (max) – 12.11 (min)
Average rates 24.06
Project Manager 34.79
Senior Developer 28.12
Middle Developer 22.02
Junior Developer




Associations representing IT industry


JISA – Union of ICT societies


Top Clients:

Adobe Inc, Cisco systems, NVidya, EurekaLabs, Globi, iBank, Jonson Controls, Microsoft, PeopleClick Authoria, SIEMENS, SKF Group, SPX Cororation, Web Biz Networks


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