Sirma Mobile Launched a Mobile App with Flight Data from Bulgarian Airports

Bulgarian Software company Sirma Mobile, which is part of Sirma Group Holding, has released a mobile application that provides real-time flight data from Bulgarian airports. It is called BG Airports and is available for Windows Phone. In the near future, other versions for the to-be-released this autumn operation system Windows 8, as wells as for iOS and Android* will be launched too.

“The year-long partnership of Sirma Mobile with Finnish vendor Nokia has given us full access to all the functions of the Windows Phone operation system and has allowed us to create applications for this platform which have no match in Bulgaria. This distinguishes our company and lets us be the leading player in this specific niche of mobile software,” said Momchil Zarev, head of Sirma Mobile.

The BG Airports app receives information in real time from the web sites of the airports in Sofia, Varna and Bourgas. It offers detailed and timely data about arriving and departing flights, including take-off hours, gate numbers, terminals and delays.

Source: Sirma Group
CATEGORY: Bulgaria

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