Ukraine: IT Outsourcing Market Reports


Outsourcing in CEE.Country Overview. Ukraine

Outsourcing in CEE. Country Overview – Ukraine. Lviv Region

Outsourcing in CEE. Country Overview – Ukraine. Kharkiv Region.


  Ukrainian IT market to change its development model in 2009 by PMR. April 2009 (152 KB)
  Software and IT Services in the European Union Market Survey by the European Union. 2009 (516 KB)


  Software Development in Ukraine by Munk, Andersen & Feilberg. November, 2008. (120 KB)


  Outsourcing Industry in Ukraine 2007 by GOAL Europe, June 2007 (212 Kb)
  IT Outsourcing in Ukraine by GennadiySerdyuk. 2007 (80 KB)


  Ukrainian IT Services and Products Export Market Research ’2003 by Aventures, September–November 2003 (588 Kb)
  Ukraine and Success Criteria for the Software Exports Industry by EJISDC, 2003 (432 Kb)


  White Paper on Offshore Software Development in Ukraine, American Chamber of Commerce, Ukraine, June 2002 (333 Kb)
  The Potential of Ukraine in the Global IT Offshore Outsourcing Market by Northampton Business School, December 2002 (344 Kb)


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