Webinar “Creating a Web Service in Golang”

Start: September 25, 2018





The webinar will consider creating a web service in the Golang (or Go) language using three tools: the built-in net / http library, MUX and Gin frameworks.

When creating a web service, the following questions arise:

  • how to configure the server;
  • how to implement routing;
  • how to implement the CRUD API;
  • how to implement Basic access authentication;
  • how to implement middleware.

The plan of the webinar:

1) Web service on the standard library net / http (Server configuration, Routing, API CRUD, Middleware, Basic auth)
2) Web service using the web server MUX (Server configuration, Routing, API CRUD, Middleware, Basic auth)
3) Web service using the Gin web server (Server configuration, Routing, API CRUD, Middleware, Basic auth)
4) Logging

The target audience:

This webinar will be of interest to those who have already started programming in the language of Golang and want to expand their knowledge on the creation of web services in the language of Golang.

Prerequisites: getting acquainted with Golang (installing the compiler, compiling and running the program, understanding the structure of the project, understanding the variables GOROOT, GOPATH, GOHOME and the ability to work with them).

Registration is required for participation in the webinar. On the e-mail that you indicate in the registration form, an invitation letter will be sent on September 25 with a link to the broadcast.

Language: Russian



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