10 Steps for Successful Facebook Applications Development for Your Business

10 Steps for Successful Facebook Applications Development for Your Business

Facebook has become a useful advertising tool for business owners looking for an easy way to promote and interact with new and regular customers.  One of the biggest benefits of Facebook applications is that they help to increase consumers engagement. Whether you want to promote your business, announce the launch of a new range of products, share the latest news or invite users to a contest, applications on Facebook are made to fulfill all of these requirements.

But before starting a promotion on the Facebook platform, there are several things to consider — and a couple things to keep in mind before the launch.

1.     Understand what the goal is or end result that you are going to achieve by using this Facebook application. The type of application depends on your purpose.  But in any case application must be useful both for users and for business. Then it will be popular for sure.
Facebook application could be developed using such technologies as Flash, HTML5, CSS, JS or PHP.   For example, you could use flash game (http://www.qualium-systems.com/portfolio/series-of-casual-mini-flash-games) to present a number of brands. Or you could order “Competition type” (http://www.qualium-systems.com/portfolio/sweepstakes-creator) type of Facebook apps.
2.    Provide your outsourced developers company with maximum details as possible: your vision, your purpose, you previous experience. And of course some Facebook apps examples which you like.
3.    Always remember that simplicity is key — entry to the promotion should be as simple as possible!
4.    Are Contests For Everyone on Facebook?  Keep your audience in mind when planning a prize. Small business owners don’t necessarily need cash, cars and vacation trips to entice consumers into your Facebook promotion. Instead, focus on what’s valuable to your audience — informative and entertaining content. Experts suggest digital goods, such as coupons, group discounts, samples, invitations for different events.
5.    Learn some ideas for Facebook applications and consult with IT professionals to understand what the best variant for your business is.
6.    Make sure that the Facebook application development team is able to provide not just cool software but, should also be able to make the application user-friendly.
7.    Don’t forget to spend enough time for communication. Communication would enable you to better understand each other’s requirements and thus you could get an application – the way you desired.
8.    While selecting the right Facebook application developer, always make sure that the developer is willingly answering all your queries and is offering your suggestions on the type of applications that would be suitable in your case. Ask for quotes and choose the one that complies well with your requirements at the best possible rates.
9.    OpenGraph integration.  It allows displaying throughout Timeline, News Feed and Ticker any user’s activity inside your application. All the news and updates make great promotional effect.
10. Product testing. When you’ve built a web app, it’s important to test it so that you know users are getting the best experience possible.


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