13th Annual Australian Shared Services & Outsourcing week. May 10-12, 2010. Sydney, Australia

Start: May 10, 2010
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Shared Services Week™ is back! For the 13th time, we return to Sydney with the most innovative program to date.

We’ve listened to your feedback and have built this event to cater to your most current needs and to respond to the challenges your organisations face.

Whether you’re in the early stages of your shared services and outsourcing initiatives or a mature SSO, looking for the additional value add, this program has what you’re looking for. Read More!

Shared Services Week™ is back! For the 13th time, we return to Sydney with the most innovative program to date.

What’s on the Agenda for 2010?

A Focus on the Core Drivers and How to Achieve Them

We’ve spoken to hundreds of our members who’ve identified their business priorities for 2010 to include the following: reducing operating costs and optimising working capital, architecting the best service delivery for their organisation, reducing bad debt, accelerating cash- to- cash cycles, improving controls, gaining shareholder value and getting closer to the customer. It all comes down to enhanced service delivery and the ability to embrace change, govern effectively and explain the ROI of your activity. To do so, you must understand what the consequences will be for not addressing. Watch for agenda items that specifically address these pressing issues.

A Continued Focus on the Levels of Maturity

  • Dedicated Track for Beginners (Everything You Need to Know About Starting A Shared Services Organisation, But Never Dared To Ask)
  • Realize the importance of building a business case to support the implementation of shared services
  • Create and maintain buy-in through a cohesive communication strategy
  • Develop the appropriate staffing model and learn what characteristics to look out for when recruiting
  • Build a framework that will allow for change and growth
  • Learn how to deliver consistent levels of service through the use of metrics, benchmarks and SLAs
  • Developing Your Pricing & Chargeback Model for Commercial Value and Sustained Success
  • Spotlight On Governance: Why A Lack of Independent Structure Will Lead to Failure

Dedicated Track for Mature Shared Services Professionals (What’s Next and How Do I Get There? What Does an Additional 1% Look Like)

  • Functional To Multifunctional: A Step By Step Success Guide To Rolling Out A Truly Multifunctional Service Infrastructure
  • Architecting the Best Service Delivery Model for Transformation Success (In-House, Outsourced, Hybrid)
  • Smart Contracting for BPO Success
  • Cost Out! How SS Is Continuing to Drive Cash Back to the Bottom Line
  • From Cloud Computing to Shared Services: A New Look at Sharing IT Infrastructure and Applications
  • Non Traditional Services: Leveraging New Offerings for Expanded Capability

A Focus on the Functional Specifics

Finance is changing. How do you Measure Up? You Need a Health Check of Your Company’s Efficiency and Financial Health. Sessions on working capital efficiency, expanding the strategic scope of you financial processes and increasing the capacity of your shared services, leveraging global capabilities. Find out what true transformation looks like?

  • Enterprise Financial Management: Streamlining for End-to-End Processes
  • Going Beyond the Letter of the Contract: Deriving Business Value from Your F&A BPO Experience
  • Your People Are Your Biggest Asset: Developing the Finance Skill Set Needed for Future Growth
  • Gaining Maximum Value From Your AP Transformation: Success Stories of Moving Into a Shared Service Environment

A Fresh Look at HR Shared Services. – The Value Is There – Improving the Perception

  • The Genetic Make Up For A World-Class HR Shared Services
  • Can HR services show the way, during this GFC, on how to deliver strategic stakeholder Value and enable the capture and retention of the best and the brightest? How
  • Driving Value in HR Shared Services Through Policy Harmonization – It’s all about Change Management

Food For Thought… Discussion Questions To Be Addressed At the Event (Have One? Click Here to Submit)

  • How do you demonstrate the value of outsourcing in your organization?
  • Define the key priorities of your organisational excellence strategy: Customer intimacy? Process excellence or “Rolls-Royce” products?
  • What type of skills you do need in IMT personnel, pure “techies and geeks”, business skills? What about customer relations and training?
  • Overcome the politics of moving from a decentralized state to true enterprise-wide policies and processes
  • Centres of Expertise in HR. Why? What will they achieve?


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