What will be web design like in 2015? 8 hottest trends

What will be web design like in 2015? 8 hottest trends

With the start of new year it is time to think about your website and what you can do to make more attractive and interesting for your users and future customers.

Take a look at 8 trends of website design that will be relevant in 2015, maybe you will find some interesting features that can be used in your website development process.

  1. Adaptive design. Yes, it is still in demand. With the increase of mobile users it is more and more relevant to make your website easy to use on every device with every screen size and OS.
  2. Infographics. People always prefer to see than to read. The more you succeed in putting lots of information into less context the better. Users like sharing inforgraphics as it is vivid and interesting.
  3. Scrolling. Clicking pages takes time, so more and more websites use scrolling instead of multiple pages. It is also more user friendly for mobile users, when loading new page may take additional time.
  4. Typography. This featured used to be quite complicated and expensive, but nowadays it became more accessible, as there are low cost or free web optimized font sets. In such way it may be used in nearly every website development.
  5. Beautiful background. High-quality video or pictures, used as background, will become great addition for good and quality content of your website.
  6. Flat design. It is not a new trend, but it will continue to develop in 2015. Google announced Material design, and it seems that it will become quite popular among website developers, as a modern and fresh feature.
  7. Mobile application elements. Websites tend to own elements from their mobile versions. Such can be slideout elements, app-like menus, longer horizontal scrolling (as for mobile horizontal screen), etc. Now it is wrong to make webpage look good only on desktop, it should be great on every device.
  8. Speed. Website design tend to become more minimalistic, with less elements and interaction, in such way they can be loaded quickly on any smartphone or tablet. Your website should be not only beautiful, but also fast and flawless.
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