3COM Uses Software AG’s WebMethods Suite to Better Connect with Customers and Partners

  • Long-term shift to SOA enabling a faster and more adaptive global value chain
  • 3Com selected the webMethods suite as offering the best fit with its technology vision, most compelling total cost-of-ownership
  • Initial project targeting customer service improvements delivered under-budget and ahead-of-schedule

Software AG, a global leader in business infrastructure software, today announced that 3Com has implemented a real-time business infrastructure for its internal operations using the webMethods suite from Software AG. 3Com is a leading global provider of secure, converged voice and data networking solutions for enterprises of all sizes. By embracing a service-oriented architecture (SOA) to drive its business integration strategy, the technology leader has streamlined core business processes, reduced IT costs, synchronized master data, and secured better real-time visibility into enterprise operations. Significant improvements in IT productivity are already evident as an initial project, which was designed to improve customer service, moved into production faster and at less cost than budgeted.

“Our webMethods implementation has helped us create a more integrated, real-time business infrastructure connecting all of our global operations.  We can now operate more efficiently, collaborate more productively with our partners, and better serve our customers,” said Jerry Kelly, CIO and vice president, 3Com Corporation.  “Due to our ability to work faster and more efficiently, we’ve also been able to establish IT as a change agent within the company.  Business users are beginning to grasp what’s now possible and have raised their expectations accordingly.  Thanks to the extensibility of our implementation, we’re confident in our ability to meet these higher benchmarks.”

3Com’s adoption of the webMethods suite from Software AG has had a significant impact on IT performance.  A new messaging bus has replaced much of the cost and burden associated with maintaining brittle point-to-point integrations while other time-consuming bottlenecks have been eliminated and obsolete applications and their underlying systems have been retired.  Business users have benefited from more reliable access to real-time data, which drives better performance, and from a greater reliance on automated processes for better efficiency and accuracy.  Finally, by reachitecting their existing SAP and Siebel applications within an SOA, 3Com can also improve the flexibility and responsiveness to change of its core business systems.

Source: Software AG

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