3rd Agile meeting at ScienceSoft

As part of ScienceSoft social programmes, ScieceSoft continues sponsoring Belarusian professional society of Agile-practitioners. On the 17th of July the 3rd meeting of the society took place at ScienceSoft premises. The topic of the meeting was User story: creation, selection and estimation. The topic was not random. Agile-professionals believe that a project with carefully formulated user stroies is a half way to success.

The format of the meeting was established at the fist event of the Agile-society: bright presentation and discussion, followed by refreshments. The event was free of charge and open for all people, who are interested in Agile. ScienceSoft employees also visited the meeting to expand their knowledge in Agile methodology and share their experience with colleagues.

Agile methodology of software development is warmly welcomed in ScienceSoft. Thus, if you share the passion for Agile, we will be happy to accommodate your project according to the best practices of Agile software development

Source: ScienceSoft

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