4 Notable Software Outsourcing Trends in 2012

4 Notable Software Outsourcing Trends in 2012

Nobody can tell more about the market than the representatives of a given industry. Below we provide the summary on the trends in software outsourcing customers’ behavior that we find important to share with you:

1. The quality of outsourcing services, as well as it’s perception by the clients, has improved greatly. This is true not only for Ukraine, but for all major destinations. Outsourcing companies move from selling man-hours to offering industry expertise. Software outsourcing cleints are interested that their teams are not just technically savvy, but also are capable to establish proper processes that help manage quality on all stages of software development lifecycle. Actually it’s not surprising – experience is the key to better quality, and the more complicated outsourcing projects are, the better quality outsourcing providers offer.

2. Software outsourcing clients find it less risky and know how to evaluate service providers. They ask for more information on the cooperation models, actively take part in the hiring process and maintain closer relationship with their offshore teams.

3. Higher attention to the qualitative indicators of the team and outsourcing provider. Tehcnical part is important, but clients don’t underestimate the role of processes, team spirit and commitment. Clients expect each team member to feel and act as a co-owner. They want to hire people for the long run and are ready to invest in them – their education, training and team building activity. That is why the corporate culture and standards within the outsourcing company (such as medical insurance, free English classes, technical and soft skills training and even corporate culture) become more and more important factors of choice.

4. The increasing trust to outsourcing teams. This is the logical result of all the abovementioned factors. Clients ask for advice and welcome creativity, they are ready to implement the ideas offered by their offshore team members, use the opportunity to get support and join testing and beta-testing efforts of their on-site and off-site teams.

Lack of qualified people and the constantly growing demand for IT specialists lead to gradual transformation of the offshore outsourcing services – from being an instrument of cost saving to another way to find the right people for a project. We believe that this is good for all participants of the process – customers, engineers and end-users, who eventually get better software applications.

Source: Softheme blog

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