43.000 open vacancies for specialists

  • Exploring: 60% of IT companies are looking for new employees
  • Lack of specialists – the central topic at the IT-conference
  • BITKOM introduces the main principle of the education policy

With this slogan, BITKOM opened its conference today. It is obviously that Outsourcing becomes the primary item with the existing demand for IT specialists. The economy is not so important in this case, the first place takes the need for a new ways to supply the demand for high-qualified IT specialists on a long-term basis. Near-shoring helps to avoid a range of issues concerned with off-shoring to India and China, and thus, the Outsourcing advantages are opened.

Assuming that the main office of your company resides in Munich and your IT team works in Hamburg, Prague, or Kiev, this is only a gradual difference if you know that you do not need to take visa formalities and can be there within two hours; you also will be pleasantly surprised to find out for yourself the highly-educated engineers who speak fluent English and are a part of your own European cultural community.

Dreams? SOPERA GmbH – the Deutsche Post spin-off – has already achieved its dreams in reality and realized its ambitious plans for developing SOA and Open Source software, creating its own Near-Shoring specialists team in AIDOSS.

Source: AIDOSS

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