5 Tactics to Maximize Profits with Lead Nurturing

5 Tactics to Maximize Profits with Lead Nurturing
Start: October 3, 2012 1:00 pm
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The buy cycle has changed. It’s no longer about your sales cycle; it’s the buyer who controls the process.

Marketing and sales must adapt to this new process to accelerate growth while keeping costs in line. Only 4 – 7 leads out of 100 that interact with your company will buy now. What happens to the rest? Sales teams ignore 70% – 80% of the leads sent to them.  Yet companies with lead nurturing in place had a 45% higher return on lead generation investments.

During this session, I’ll give you 5 tactics that will help you change your current process to synch marketing and sales goals, and generate higher returns.

Key Points:

  • Identify current marketing and sales inefficiencies
  • Tactics and tips to improve marketing and sales ineffectiveness and inefficiencies including,
  • Marketing Adjustments
  1.  Content strategy
  2.  Lead nurturing
  3. Move beyond basic metrics
  •  Sales Adjustments
  1.  Adapting to the new buy cycle
  2. Latent opportunities
  • Simple steps to get started
  • What benefits you’ll receive


By shifting marketing and sales to align with the buy cycle, you’ll receive a higher return in lead generation investments and a reduction in sales and marketing costs.

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