6 Awards for 5 Web Sites Created by BSH Team

The Web sites created by BSH team achieved a remarkable success at the International Web Festival Albena 2008 with two awards of the Jury and four prizes of the public.

A month after its official launch, the Web site of Sopharma PLC grabbed the first prize both of the Jury and the public as the best healthcare Web site in 2008. At the same time, the Web site of Superhosting was recognized by the Jury as the best Web site in „Services” category.

The Web site of Veritas PR became a favorite of the public in „Advertising” as well as the Web site of Militzer & Munch Bulgaria in „Transport” category. The Web site of Magura Winery won the first prize of the public in „Foods and Beverages” category.

The International Web Festival in Albena is the most prominent professional forum in the region. This year the competition among the participants was very keen as there were more then 140 competing Web sites in 22 categories. The Festival agenda got together the most influential professionals and offered a lot of interesting lectures, presentations and discussions about the trends and the future of the Web business.

Source: BSH

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