9th Annual European Shared Services & Outsourcing Week. 11 – 14 May 2009. Hungary

Start: May 11, 2009
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Annual Shared Services and Outsourcing Week 2009 is a global series of regional flagship events designed to bring together everybody who’s anybody in the combined worlds of captive shared services and outsourcing. The 9th Annual European Shared Services and Outsourcing Week is the largest gathering of Shared Services professionals in Europe and home to the Shared Services Excellence Awards.

This multifunctional programme covers transformation strategies for all back office functions from Finance, HR, IT, procurement – through to multifunctional hubs. Whatever scale and whatever size of the organisation, if you’re pushing back office efficiency through a captive, outsourced, or mixed model route, this is the must attend event for your continent.

At this event you will learn how to:

Architect a recession-proof sourcing model based on factual feedback from your peers: What’s driving some SSOs to take the BPO leap? Hear the IACCM 2009 outsourcing survey results first

Rescue trapped working capital through closer scrutiny of your financial supply chain and tighter P2P process efficiency

Boost brand identity and engage employees in the bigger picture: Morgan Stanley share tips for capitalising on diverse new labour markets when your brand lacks local recognition

Reduce overhead and still meet your business’s strategic HR needs: Brainstorm delivering cost-effective HR to a multilingual, dispersed and diverse customer base with Alcoa Europe

Drive better business partnering and capture that extra 1% in savings: Adopt a governance that gives greater framework control and flexibility to deliver tangible results

What’s changed at The Week?

2009 is a year unlike any other – if you’ve attended The Week before you’re in for a big surprise!

1. FORMAT: There are no presentations to hide behind, it’s 100% interactive.

Brand new thought leader insight for 2009 includes:

  • G8: The Global Sourcing Think Tank
  • McKinsey’s Big Picture C-suite brings you a long awaited, exclusive insight into the factual trends that are forming globally in this space, followed by rare and insightful commentary from C level voices at AXA, Maersk and Fiat Business Services.
  • Horses for Sources LIVE – world exclusive debate predicting the impact of the economy on European business and “survival mechanics” – to design a competitive defence strategy
  • The latest, exclusive survey results from the sourcing World – we’ve sourced the factual feedback from the market you asked for! Includes the latest studies from Hackett on globalisation, sourcing and shared services trends, McKinsey’s 2009 global shared services study results and the IACCM members feedback on the reality of outsourcing (including live Q&A with Pfizer, Unilever and Rolls Royce)

2. FILTER: Finding The Right People Easier.

We get it now – you need to know in advance who has the same interests as you!

That means we’ll be screening/surveying of ALL delegates at point of registration to help peers and vendors with networking onsite.

  • Pre-qualification process for all streams (not just blue-sky) to help you locate like-minded peers and vendors locate right buyers
  • Creating the buzz and exclusivity of blue-sky room for non-mature delegates
  • Easier networking in more hospitable surroundings
  • More sessions with pre-filtering mechanisms so delegates are mixing with peers with similar interests and at similar stages of development and YOU know who you are meeting and why

3. FOLLOW-UP: Providing more tangible take-aways for continued growth and networking after the event

Building a year-round promise into the purchase of an SSOW ticket. We’ve created a time-line of activity that a delegate ticket automatically entitles buyers to eg. regular touch points through out the year where SSW groups come back together. Touch points will be a mixture of pod-casts, webinars, conference calls, SS News featured articles, e-newsletter user groups, roundtable transcripts – the list goes on!


Unprecedented insight to keep you ahead of your 2009 sourcing strategy!

G8: Global Sourcing Think Tank:

BBC Anchorman John Humphrys chairs the sourcing world’s first ever neutral platform: 8 pioneering voices debate to find a common industry agenda (IBM, Accenture, Deloitte, TPI, PWC, Genpact, WNS, Equa Terra)

McKinsey’s Big Picture from the C-Suite:

What’s the real impact of your sourcing strategy on working capital, company goal alignment and competitive market positioning? Exclusive highlights from McKinsey’s 2009 research PLUS 3 CXO insights from Fiat, Maersk and AXA


Founder & Author of the World Famous Sourcing blog, Phil Fersht, chairs the first live and virtual debate on:

  • Predicting the economy’s impact on European business trends
  • Survival Mechanics: Defining a competitive sourcing strategy to protect your business

IACCM’s member survey results:

CEO Tim Cummins reveals factual statistical data on outsourcing trends and 3 IACCM members from Pfizer, Unilever and Lloyds TSB will compare with their own experiences of 3rd party outsourcing

Global Insights to Next- Generation Sourcing Models

Ernst and Young insight into transitioning to second generation shared services plus Genpact gems for best-in-class architecture in “Make me a Supermodel”


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