A New Website Will Solve Apartment Owners’, Housekeepers’ Problems

A New Website Will Solve Apartment Owners’, Housekeepers’ Problems

A unique Bulgarian web site will solve the problems of nearly 5 million Bulgarians who live in apartment buildings, in a total of some 112 000 condominiums. Home owners and housekeepers in a lot of cases do not show much interest in the problems of their respective condominiums and often disagree with their neighbors, which eventually results in the decay of the buildings they live in.

Everyone murmurs against all this but it seems there is no solution. Is there not?

Well, it seems there is and it is offered by e-Dom Management OOD – a Bulgarian company with an innovative and bold project that allows for the online management of the condominiums in Bulgaria.
For the first time an Internet platform provides a way for all activities in a condominium to be managed online. The positive sides of this are remarkable:

  • housekeepers’ and apartment owners’ duties get significantly facilitated;
  • condominium management costs go down;
  • home owners and housekeepers save time from not having to organize and attend the usually boring and inefficient condominium meetings;
  • municipalities and condominiums and their members get directly connected.

In fact, e-Dom is a social network for neighbors which will gradually change the lives of thousands of Bulgarians to the better. We are proud that this complex project is entirely Bulgarian and has no known analogue in Europe or the rest of the world.

On September 11, The project was presented at a press conference at the Bulgarian News Agency by Alexander Dimitrov, who is the author of the idea, and Vesselin Denchev and Tsvetomir Doskov, who are both from Sirma Group Holding – the company that developed the software behind e-Dom.

Source: Sirma Group
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