A1QA Celebrates 15th Birthday with a New Logo

A1QA Celebrates 15th Birthday with a New Logo

Originated in 2003 from a small QA department, A1QA has grown into the international software testing company widely recognized as an industry leader. Today A1QA works with customers throughout four continents, operates offices and testing labs in seven countries, and employs the headcount of over 600 full-time professional engineers.

Using A1QA software testing offerings over these years telco companies, financial institutions, oil & gas enterprises, software development companies, small and large ventures from other industries have improved their day-to-day business operations, enhanced their ability to take valuable software solutions to market faster, and achieved significant operating cost reductions.

Exactly fifteen years have passed since we founded A1QA. And reflecting on these years, it’s motivating and exciting to see how much our suite of services and our team have grown. We’ve come a long way since 2003 and have built a global company that continues to thrive.

Hard work and dedication helped us achieve this milestone. And we shall stay committed to provide a high level of service listening to the needs and wants of our customers and respond to the evolving business needs. This is the key to deliver world-class testing products that will make a difference,’ said Svetlana Pravdina, CEO at A1QA.

A1QA company office

Welcome A1QA New Logo

The company has evolved over the years and the brand has transformed as well. A1QA worked with a renowned art studio to develop a new logo that would better reflect us as the company. The company wanted a new logo to represent A1QA maturity, impeccable quality of the delivered services, and energetic atmosphere that reigns in all A1QA offices.

And the company appreciates the result. A new logo has both style and simplicity and A1QA hopes that it will become the foundation for establishing a clear identity and a new chapter of the A1QA history to tell. The company looks forward to sharing our new look with you over the few coming weeks.

Today, A1QA wants to say big thanks to all our valued customers, employees, and strategic partners who helped us to become a leader in the field. The company will continue to provide problem-solving testing solutions and ensure an impeccable quality of the mission-critical software.

Source: A1QA

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