AAM on the Smart E-government 2010 conference in Belgrade

AAM on the Smart E-government 2010 conference in Belgrade

Smart e-Government conference (www.smartegov.rs) is organized yearly in Belgrade, Serbia, this year, the focus will be on “State-of-the-Art e-Government Services in the SEE Region”. AAM Consulting will be represented by Zoltan Gimesi, Director of international business development on the head of AAMs delegation.

AAM is one of the biggest consulting companies in Hungary, with a permanent International growth and fast expansion in the Region. We consider ourselves as Regional experts, so we made carefully planned steps toward providing the best tailored solutions in consulting in several sectors. One of these areas, of special focus, is information society and e-government in which AAM accumulated more than 15 years of experience of which, more than 500 man-years we invested in the Public sector reform.

AAM systematized its own experience and adopted it to the quickly changing region of SEE. The company also made partnerships with other companies and universities and experts from the Region to strengthen its mission.

AAM Consulting is also ready to integrate European best practices and world wide experience with every single step we made, from planning, project management, financial management towards every specialisation needed in our mission. We advise officials and train teams to strengthen capacity in the best way according contemporary practices.  We perform assessments and audits of present situation and recommend guidelines, changes and solutions.

We perform specific studies, and also have a team skilled for awareness raising campaigns. The source of our experience is much wider than the Region, we cooperate and engage with the reform leaders in whole Europe and wider. We can transfer the most needed experience to Serbia from any European country and part of the world.

Considering the planned growth and the regional importance of the Serbian market we are present in Serbia from 2007. From this period we learned a lot and we understand the specifics of the market especially in e-government.

AAM has long term plans of presence in Serbia consequently we want to stay here to work in a socially responsible way for mutual benefit.


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