ABAYOO and SaM Solutions Announce Strategic Cooperation

ABAYOO and SaM Solutions Announce Strategic Cooperation

The SaM Group becomes a part of the SAP Business ByDesign Network of ABAYOO Business Network GmbH. This group of companies specializes in the outsourcing of software development and maintenance services. With a headquarters in Germany (Gilching, Munich area) and a total of over 600 employees worldwide, SaM Solutions GmbH has offices in Switzerland, the UK, the Netherlands and delivery centers in Belarus and the Ukraine. The first project will involve six companies of the group and will focus on implementing SAP Business ByDesign in such areas as Accounting and Invoicing.

“SaM Solutions is an expert in enterprise software development“,

explained Sirko Schneppe, CEO of ABAYOO, a reseller of SAP Business ByDesign.

“Their expertise and international experience make the SaM Group a perfect addition to our network, especially for the purpose of cost-efficient and high-quality development of add-on’s for SAP ByDesign.“

From this point on, SaM will be selling, implementing, customizing and maintaining solutions based on SAP Business ByDesign in such regions as Ostwestfalen-Lippe and Munich.

SAP Business ByDesign is an online ERP system. As an on-demand solution, it offers the benefits of modern enterprise software at a minimum cost. SAP Business ByDesign gives small businesses an opportunity to use a robust and feature-rich ERP system that does not require a separate IT department, as implied by the classic IT model. This also allows companies to concentrate their resources on their core tasks and business goals. The SAP Business ByDesign software is operated, supported and updated in the same computing center where it is installed.

Within the framework of the first project, SaM will independently implement Accounting and Invoicing modules of SAP Business ByDesign. Other members of the group will engage at a later stage. Peter Hüsener, CEO of SaM Concept GmbH, clarifies:

„The SaM Group is currently represented in Germany, the USA, Switzerland, the Ukraine, Belarus and the UK. In this situation, an efficient international ERP system is essential for the needs of our business. With its modular architecture, we can flexibly configure it to meet the specific requirements of each of our offices and use only those services that are required in each of them.“


ABAYOO Business Network GmbH was founded in May 2010 on the initiative of Wolfgang Schmidt, the chairman of the board of directors of Itelligence AG at that time. The company is one of the first networks for selling, supporting and customizing SAP Business ByDesign, an ERP system for small and medium businesses. The purpose of the company is the provision of flexible and reasonably-priced SaaS IT solutions addressing the needs of small and medium businesses. The network is represented in ten cities, including Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Jena and Bielefeld und currently employs 20 skilled SAP Business ByDesign experts. The main offices of ABAYOO are located in Berlin and Jena. www.abayoo.de.

About the SaM Group:

SaM Solutions is one of the leaders of the IT outsourcing and software development market. 18 years of experience, a broad range of competencies and a DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certified quality control system enable the company to develop solutions of any complexity that meet customers’ expectations and use the latest software development technologies.
SaM Solutions has worked for such major internationals as Siemens, Fujitsu and SAP, public organizations, such as the European Patent Office, and mid-sized companies, such as Lexware or azh GmbH.

To date, SaM Solutions has a global pool of over 600 employees in its Germany-based headquarters and offices located in the US, Eastern and Western Europe.

Source: SaM Solutions

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