Accesa and OutSystems, Partners for Fast Delivery of Enterprise-Grade App

Accesa and OutSystems, Partners for Fast Delivery of Enterprise-Grade App

Accesa and OutSystems sign a partnership agreement to deliver top of the line low-code solutions. A strategic move, this partnership will ensure digital journey acceleration for both companies’ customers across all targeted markets.

Additionally, this partnership is a reiteration of Accesa’s mission to speed up the digital transformation of businesses through an innovative approach.

Fast enterprise-grade apps with OutSystems

The OutSystems platform has been designed to help organizations deliver enterprise-grade apps faster. By combining the power of low-code development with advanced mobile capabilities, the platform enables businesses to transform their digital journey faster.

What does this partnership bring to Accesa’s customers?

As mentioned above, OutSystems facilitates a faster development of digital platforms. For Accesa’s clients, this can translate into:

  • Easy development of digital solutions
  • Faster integration with existing platforms
  • Secure environment for fast development
  • Accelerated release cycles that bring more and more useful features

With the help of OutSystems’ features, Accesa’s digital experts can shorten development with up to 75%. This lets product owners have a proof of concept faster, in a matter of weeks or even days.

Digital transformation

Strong partnerships make companies develop

Accesa acts as a full IT services provider, system integrator and Agile development company along the entire delivery process lifecycle. From the early phases to the functional end-result Accesa brings valuable input for a remarkable output.

We enable our clients to create new digital products, accelerate release cycles, orchestrate systems, and scale internal capabilities. Our main goal is to increase efficiency for applications, platforms, and infrastructure, thus leading to optimized costs and high-performance.

Some of the Accesa’s partners include Microsoft, SAP, TIBCO, Nintex, and UiPath. Due to our customer-oriented approach, we are sure that more valuable partnerships will come in the next period of time.

Source: Accesa


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