Adding Business Context to Your Security Program

Adding Business Context to Your Security Program
Start: May 27, 2014
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Risk is a normal component of any business. Risk and security professionals provide means and methods for handling and overcoming risks in every endeavor that our business do to make its profit or provide its service every day our organization is open for business.

Security professionals are engaged to protect business critical information. Though awareness of threat landscape and remedial technology is essential, success is largely determined by a thorough understanding of the business values and why these values are important.

Risk professionals must identify what parts of the business have what levels of risk and then report that risk to the appropriate leadership and stakeholders. In this webinar, we will explore the convergence of the IT, security and business risk programs to show where they meet and where they differ.

We will discuss the required alignment of these programs within the business – from business risk appetite to thresholds through policies to controls, and finally to security monitoring and risk reporting. When these programs are aligned, they give the bottom line results necessary for success in today’s incredible threat environment.

We must be responsive to the changing needs of business. Our services must enable organizations to realize incremental value and benefits. We must help organizations protect what matters most to them, in the least intrusive, least impactful way with the most optimal results. So we close with putting all of this effort into context of the business so we examine what is the business context and why is it important? And then what can happen when context isn’t there?

Join speakers Leighton Johnston, CTO of Information Security Forensics Management Team and Yo Delmar, VP of GRC Solutions at MetricStream at this webinar to understand the critical requirement of adding business context to risk.


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