Advanced Сorporate Portal was designed at Sportmaster Retail Group

Advanced Сorporate Portal was designed at Sportmaster Retail Group

New advanced Corporate Portal built on the base of Oracle WebCenter was launched at Sportmaster retail group. From the point of view of tasks, scale, complicity and applied technologies, this project is significant on the retail local and Eastern Europe market.

The system was developed and implemented by FORS in a very short time — 4 months, what has been one of the requirements of the customer. The whole project period lasted about a year — from August 2011 till June 2012, due to the long preparatory and testing period.

Sportmaster retail group being the largest is represented in a list of TOP-10 world retail sports groups. In Russia, CIS and Eastern Europe the company is # 1 by the total revenue in its market segment. Having a geographically distributed structure, the company constantly develops its network — at the moment there are more than 300 outlets, which operate at more than 100 cities and towns of Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia and Kazakhstan.

Before the start of the project customer used a self-developed Corporate Portal. But with time, while the corporate needs were growing, its functionality could not meet them in full any more. New abilities were required. The customer has made his choice in a favor of Oracle WebCenter Suite — the most complete, open and flexible Portal platform, ensuring seamless integration of the embedded set of Enterprise 2.0 horizontal services with the business processes and business applications. These technologies enable creation of the communicative environment of the new generation, efficiently maintaining business ties of the employees and quick search of any information on demand. The main feature of this solution is the short time and simplicity of its deployment. The customer is free to develop it by himself in the future. FORS has been chosen as an integrator due to the vast experience of the implementation of the systems of that class.

In the result, the old portal was replaced by a new one. In total there had been transferred more than 1700 web-pages of the content. The number of the concurrent users runs into 2 thousand, and the summary amount of users is about 20 thousand.

The system provides immediate access of the employees to all kinds of the corporate information, including news with the option of its publishing, documents, statistics, archive, photo gallery, phone book, etc. The following services are available now — interactive teamwork, E-cards greetings, inquires on-line, forums and other direct forms of the feedback. In fact users got the flexible mechanism for search and navigation through all portal resources.

«Portal developed by FORS is just the first step, — comments Hermann Alexeev, IT — Director of Sportmaster. — Further on we will concentrate our efforts on more complicated tasks: integration with the internal corporate and external information systems, and our BI-system, embedding of the additional business processes, creation of the social services, wiki, blogs and forums, group and personal spaces. We are convinced that those new options would enrich our corporate culture significantly, create abilities for the advanced communications inside the company and form the single point for management and development of these communications».

«That project turned out to be quite ambitious for us as IT-professionals, — adds Alexey Ilvovsky, Director of FORS Corporate Internet-solutions. — First, because together with the customer we managed to create and implement the whole pack of the original convenient and easily tuned tools for the different business tasks. And, secondly, because the perspectives of the project are really brilliant. Oracle WebCenter platform provides unique abilities for the constant development in the future, far beyond the limited possibilities of the regular Portal».

Source: FORS

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