Aftonbladet Outsources Backup/Recovery Management to Proact

Aftonbladet is outsourcing its backup and recovery management to Proact. This investment will give Aftonbladet better control over stored information and allow a volume-based payment model to be applied, which will be considerably more cost-effective.

Aftonbladet previously outsourced its entire backup and recovery management operation to another external agency, but its cost model was less than advantageous. The Proact service saves Aftonbladet money and also provides clearer feedback.

“Now we receive reports every month which show exactly what backups have been created for, how much it has all cost and what the trends are for the future,” says Henrik Savenstedt, head of Aftonbladet media house technology.

“Compression and intelligent backup technology which saves only the parts of the file that have been changed help to ensure our solution is fast and cost-effective,” says Henrik Savenstedt:

“Backups place a load on our entire system, and so we want to keep backup times to a minimum. Our hardware has more important things to deal with. The Proact solution has saved us a lot of time, and we have also been able to reduce recovery times to a very significant extent.”

The Proact service permits immediate access if any data needs to be recovered. This saves Aftonbladet time and reduces the risk of downtime. Considerably higher compression means that Aftonbladet is now able to fill its disks with twice as much data.

For Proact, the deal relates to backup and recovery management at Aftonbladet. This service will give the client secure, cost-effective backup/recovery management offering plenty of control.

Source: Proact

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