Agile Manifesto Co-Author Mike Beedle Conducts Agile Training Session for SoftServe Team

On September 29-30, Mike Beedle, an industry recognized Agile expert and a co-author of the Agile manifesto, conducted a live training session in Lviv, Ukraine, for the management team of SoftServe, Inc., a leading global provider of proven high quality software development, testing and consulting services.

During the two-day training session, over 60 participants including department managers, project managers and software engineers were provided with deep insight on Scrum and Agile methodologies, including practices that implement Scrum, roles, meetings and artifacts of Scrum. After the training, SoftServe participants were tested and gained Scrum Alliance Certification and became Certified Scrum Masters.

“We have chosen SoftServe as one of our clients because SoftServe has a deep understanding of the benefits of what Scrum and Agile can bring to a software organization. This includes increased productivity, reduced costs, faster time to market as well as enhanced management of changing priorities, improved alignment between IT and business objectives, enhanced project visibility, and reduced risk,” said Mike Beedle.

“In our view, SoftServe is a software development company that is uniquely positioned for success, because support for Scrum and other Agile techniques exists at all levels of the organization from the topmost executives, through middle management and the members of the development teams. This support is key to ensuring Scrum and Agile work,” he added.

Mike Beedle is an entrepreneur that not only has applied Scrum and Agile to start and operate several companies successfully (New Governance, Enterprise Scrum, Quant Traders, Framework Technologies, e-Architects, etc.), but has introduced Scrum and Agile to thousands of people and organizations around the world and has consulted for many large companies on how to apply Scrum and Agile into the enterprise.

Source: SoftServe

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