Agile & Nearshore – Formula to Successful Software Development

“It’s time for software professionals to stop sitting on the fence where agile is concerned”.

Forrester Report 2009

Nearshore Blog ( in conjunction with Levi9 Global Sourcing ( is extremely pleased to present our new research work – “Agile and Nearshore – Formula to Successful Software Development”.

The paper is accessible with this link and represents a great deal of our efforts aimed at giving a broad overview of Agile development methodologies and their practical appliance in commercial software development.

The study analyzes the history of Agile development, discusses the main changes occurred in commercial software sector over last years and presents real-world case-studies and successful implementation of Agile methodologies in conjunction with Nearshore delivery approaches.

The study features successful implementations of Agile for software product companies “Borland” and “OnGuard”, large ICT multinationals “British Telecom” and professional ITO service providers “Levi9 Global Sourcing”.

We would like to draw your particular attention to the Levi9 case-study, being a commissioner of this research the company managed to successfully craft these two elements of successful software development into one robust approach!

This approach allowed to develop exceptional solutions at a shorter time which in turn helped Levi9 customer to clinch the Award of Most Innovative IT Company 2011 in Netherlands.

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