International cooperation between Aimtec and Axway

International cooperation between Aimtec and Axway

Aimtec develops and strengthens partnerships with a multinational company Axway.

Aimtec is Axway’s exclusive partner for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Within the framework of this long-term partnership, an agreement was signed to support Axway’s European customers in their transition to a new version of an electronic communication tool. Specifically, it is the TradeSync Integration Manager version 3.7. Pilot project have already taken place in Italy and Great Britain.

Aimtec and Axway equals a stable partnership

As Axway currently supports existing clients with TradeSync Integration Manager versions 3.6 and 3.7, it was necessary to convert customers to the new version. Axway had chosen Aimtec for their broad experience with TradeSync Integration Manager . The highly professional team of consultants supported by successful projects always played a role. Aimtec provides support and installation of TradeSync Integration Manager for the whole of the Czech Republic and Slovakia and, to date, has in excess of 70 customers in this region.

Short migration not threatening communication with the world

The standard migration transition consists of remote analysis, installation of the new system, migration and configuration, offline testing, system support and monitoring. Transition from the old version to version 3.7 subsequently takes place within a short space of time – 30 minuts. This means that communication between the customer and its clients and suppliers is not jeopardised and normal operational activities may continue unrestricted.

TradeSync Integration Manager version 3.7 will enable customers to have a transparent control of incoming and outgoing EDI messages and improve monitoring services. The user may, for instance, manage the tool simply via a web browser. Another notable benefit is the improved stability of the EDI system and support of a new communication protocol OFTP2.

Source: Aimtec

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