Aimtec Has Established a New Nearshore Outsourcing Centre

The Aimtec Company, a provider of specialised IT solutions and services to customers in Central and Eastern Europe with a tradition of over ten years has established a new Nearshore Outsourcing Centre in its headquarters in Plzen. It provides a complete outsourcing services portfolio including IT consulting, technology research, on-site, off-site and off-shore development of both standard and customer tailored applications. In addition, the Outsourcing centre that currently counts more than 30 experts and specialists, offers a service of establishing a software development department according to specific requirements of individual customers.

Already now, the Outsourcing division can boast several successful – both finished and running – projects performed for primarily supranational customers, such as Atos Origin USA, Crossgate AG, DHL, Lear Corporation and IAC Group. Services provided to these companies have focused on the development and implementation of EDI conversions including their integration with various business information systems, such as SAP ERP, Infor LN, eFORS-ASM and Movex ERP.

One of the key positions in the new centre is the position of the Outsourcing services delivery manager. Mr. Pavel Konig has been appointed to this position. Before taking it up he worked as the Team leader of ECM consultants and developers. As he focused especially on outsourcing deliveries in the field of EDI communication in the recent years, his appointment to the position of the Outsourcing centre delivery manager has been a logical result of his work. In his new position, Mr. Pavel Konig will be responsible especially for ensuring deliveries, performing all outsourcing services and managing the centre’s expert team that has been extended by java and .NET programming specialists recently.

“During its existence the Aimtec Company has achieved a stable position both in the Czech Republic and abroad as a provider of Business Information Systems and Electronic Data Interchange Systems. We have taken advantage of this experience in the field of outsourcing services. Long-term reliability of deliveries is a key element for outsourcing success. It is just this reliability that will be a major task for Mr. Pavel Konig”, says Mrs. Vavruskova, director of t he Aimtec Outsourcing Division.

Source: Aimtec

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