AITIA and BME hosts ARTEMIS Technology Conference

On June 29-30, 2010 the first ARTEMIS Technology Conference took place in Budapest, Hungary. This event, organized by the SCALOPES project – an ARTEMIS JU Call 2008 project – was hosted by the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) and AITIA International Inc. Embedded systems know-how lies at the heart of European industry’s competitiveness, and is a vital element in assuring future economic growth and stability to the benefit of European citizens at large.

To address this need, the ambitious European ARTEMIS program has launched in January 2009 its first 12 R&D projects. Four of these ARTEMIS projects presented their intermediate results during the conference: SCALOPES, INDEXYS, SYSMODEL and CESAR. The aim of the event was to provide public visibility over technical aspects raised and solved by ARTEMIS partners in the field of Embedded Computing Systems. Exchange of ideas will increase R&D results’ effectiveness. This implies empowering the impact on industry and on society at large.

Source: AITIA

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