AKT warehouses rely on DCI MySite again

Jablonec nad Nisou based plastics company AKT will manage its material and final product warehouses using the tried and tested Warehouse Management System DCI MySite , provided by their well-known partner Aimtec. The project will bring detailed traceability of all pallets inside the company and pallets dispatched to customers, as well as monitoring material consumption on a specific production order.

AKT plastikarska technologie Cechy, spol. s r.o. is a leading producer of plastic interior parts for passenger cars. Some of the main products that AKT supplies to the largest car manufacturers such as Skoda Auto, VW, Audi and Volvo, are consoles, plastic engine covers and blowers.

Proven solution, this time in the final product warehouse

AKT is currently using a DCI MySite system from the Pilsen based provider Aimtec. DCI MySite was originally implemented to record semi-finished and finished products and to monitor movement of semi-finished and finished products between two warehouses in Jablonec nad Nisou. AKT’s management decided to expand the current system to also manage the material and final product warehouses while providing dispatch support. Based on previous good cooperation, the management once again decided to use DCI MySite for this expansion. The DCI MySite will therefore cover corporate processes from receipt of material all the way to dispatch of final products and will be fully integrated with the corporate information system ABAS.

The following processes will be set up in the DCI MySite system: receipt of material on a purchase order, creation of a material request form, dispatch of material into production based on a production order, return of material from production, receipt of final products on a production order, preparation of dispatch, receipt from claim-inventory, quality – blocking and release. Benefits of the solution are: accurate information for planning of material purchase and final product production, compliance with the rules of FIFO within the whole process.

Visible benefits within the first month

During the project of implementing DCI MySite to monitor semi-finished products, benefits of the solution became apparent as early as the first month. The management gained a clear and detailed overview about what is where and in what quantity, and was therefore able to better plan production. The second DCI MySite implementation project was commenced at the beginning of April with an expected duration period of three months.

Source: Aimtec

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