“Alna Intelligence” will Offer Equipment for Customers Cheaper and Faster

“Alna Intelligence“, the company of information technology service and solutions, along with the electronic IT business leader “MarkIT” will offer to “Alna Group” customers to purchase everyday computer and office equipment cheaper and more convenient.

”Alna Intelligence“ online marketing system was created using “MarkIT” e-commerce platform who has been operated since May, 2009.

From now on, all “Alna Group” customers using the e-shop will be able to purchase IT equipment 10-15 % cheaper on the average than before. The system will be accessible for over 150 service customers of “Alna Intelligence” who have signed the IT equipment service agreements. Other customers of “Alna Group” will be connected to the system in the future.

“With this project we aim to provide our customers an additional value to already provided services. It is extremely relevant for today’s economic climate, because all the companies are looking for cheaper supply channels.”- stated Arturas Kuliesas, Manager of  IT Service. According to him, customers will be able to purchase equipment considerably cheaper for several reasons. “MarkIT” works with more than ten different strongly together competing European distribution channels and therefore will apply for Alna customers the highly competitive margin. “Due to the extremely low margins, we do not expect profit; it’s not a goal of this project. We believe that various additional services will help strengthen our positions on the market of IT infrastructure services,” – said A. Kuliesas.

“Our company is happy with this partnership agreement. This will allow us consistently increase sales, and that in turn will further expand distribution channels and obtain better conditions in already existing ones, “– said Mindaugas Mickus, General Manager of “MarkIT Baltija”. According to him, www.markIT.lt already offers over 70 thousand different IT and office products, and the biggest part of them is delivered to the customer within one day.

E-commerce portal ”MarkIT“ works in 12 different Scandinavian, Baltic and Eastern European countries. This allows to provide Lithuanian companies with the range of  IT distributors’ from the Baltic States, Finland, Czech Republic and Denmark. In 2009 “MarkIT” is also planning to expand its market to the UK, Germany, Denmark and Norway. In 2008 “MarkIT” group has reached the profit of 85 million litas (LT).  It is 20% more than in 2007. On the IT market the company has been operated for 15 years and belongs to the company of Estonian capital.

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