Altoros at Solit: We Share Solid Knowledge

Altoros at Solit: We Share Solid Knowledge

It has already become a good tradition for Altoros to assist in organizing IT conferences to encourage creative ideas, new technologies, and approaches.

On January 28-29, 2012, Altoros participated in Solit, a regional IT conference, dedicated to the top-notch technologies and covered the topics from building a “dream team” for your project to promoting the ready product on the Internet. Alexey Karpik, a Senior Web platform developer at Altoros, presented a session on an up-to-date issue of cross-platform development. Not only did he highlight its benefits, but gave accurate figures that demonstrated substantial financial gains and more considered resources employment within a company. It was not surprising that the concerned attendees initiated a feedback and addressed Alexey with a number of questions:

  1. What are the main benefits of cross-platform development?
  2. How does it affect the spending on continuous integration?
  3. Which of the above mentioned tools Alexey prefers in his daily professional life?

All the presentations were grouped in three sections and one of the national Web portals provided a live broadcast of the event. Among the most popular sessions, that attracted the attention of the majority of attendees, were mobile design and HTML5, new features of iOS 5, the issues of hosting security, and covering the project with tests (TDD). Altoros has already organized a Webinar to cover the possibilities that AIR gives for cross-platform development, if you had missed the event you can learn the details here.

Those who wanted to apply their knowledge and demonstrate their talent moved to a Mashpit, a 24-hour live project delivery activity. It united the enthusiasts who wanted to make true some non-commercial, yet useful for the society, projects. Initially, the guys brainstormed ten ideas for prospective solutions, but to achieve some practical results the number was reduced to four. During a 24-hour development marathon, they managed to create a regional translation for Drupal, find the solution for tracking the location using Twitter (analogue to Google Latitude), design a city quest-guide, and optimize the data presentation and processing at some Web sites providing statistics.

Coach Pit gave a possibility to discuss IT-related issues in a relaxed way. Here, professionals and gurus shared their experience with junior counterparts. Moreover, if you missed something during the session time or failed to ask a question, you could use a second chance and do it at Coach Pit.

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