Altoros Organized a 24-hour Development Rush

Altoros Organized a 24-hour Development Rush

On October 8-9, 2011, Altoros organized and sponsored Web and mobile hackathon, a development marathon held in Minsk (Belarus) that gathered 100+ participants—developers, designers, and other specialists.

Their aim was to implement and present a working prototype or a finished application by the end of the 24-hour period, and then to choose the best project by voting. Among projects evaluation criteria were business idea and social significance of the project, its usability and the overall interface design, the technical complexity of the project, and its progress (the degree of completion) per night.

The event also aimed at gathering people interested in web and mobile development, help them make new useful contacts, and have fun together.

The fun started after the development work was finished, and the teams started their presentations. Guys, who presented an application for restaurants even played waiters, picking orders to show how the application worked. The restaurant application received a $500 award as the Best Cloud project. The project with the best user interface got Apple iPad 2 as a prize. And the winner project—an application for languages learning—got a $1,000 award.

Apart from that, people enjoyed PlayStation games, ate loads of pizza, drank gallons of coffee, and proved that hard work can be an entertainment.

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