American IT-Companies Investor Holds Master-Classes for IT-JUMP 2011 Finalists

American IT-Companies Investor Holds Master-Classes for IT-JUMP 2011 Finalists

emi-finalists of the First Republican Youth IT-Competition IT-JUMP 2011 will get an opportunity to attend an intensive free master-class course.  The master-class will be conducted by Marty Kaszubowski, business-coach, investor and co-owner of the several American IT-companies, invited ad hoc by by organizers.

In the beginning of November Marty Kaszubowski will come to Minsk to hold the 3 day intense training course for the authors of 5 best projects in each of the 3 IT-JUMP 2011 nominations. This course will be devoted to successful strategy choice and competent marketing positioning. Also participants of the Marty Kaszubowski‘s master-classes will discuss the following issues: investments necessity and timeliness, intellectual property protection, work with the personnel, etc.

It’s a unique chance for the Belarusian start-upers, because the master-classes of such a business-coach are not easy to afford. The organizers of IT-JUMP 2011 Competition are sure that the master-classes of Marty Kaszubowski will help the participants to improve their business ideas, will give guidelines on how to get ready for a meeting with potential investors.

The presentations of the finalists will be held on November 16, 2011 in Minsk. It will become a place where project-managers would meet with business-angels and venture investors for contracting deals.

Marty Kaszubowski has 30-year experience in the sphere of strategic planning, analysis, marketing, engineering, project management with a broad spectrum of public and private organizations. Marty is also an advocate for technology-based economic development and entrepreneurship at the local, state and national levels.

He is the President of General Ideas since 1992. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the National Academy of Sciences and other companies are among his clients.

Previously, Marty had developed Earl Industries Company and served as the first Director of the Hampton Roads Technology Incubator (HRTI), Director of Business Development for SpaceTec Ventures, an entrepreneurial aerospace company, and as a senior staff member of the Aeronautics and Space Engineering Board (ASEB) of the National Research Council, where he was responsible for the development and execution of technological innovations in the aeronautics industry.

He is currently a member of the Virginia Chamber of Commerce’s, where he develops and runs programs for early-stage companies’ support.  Marty is Innovations Director of Kaufman&Canoles Consulting and is a member of the Board of Directors of three of the ETG companies: Engedi Technologies, CorMine Intelligent Data, WorldTech International.


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